Shelter Manager Job Posting

Responsible for the overall management of the Shelter which includes:

Management and care of the staff at the shelter which includes but not limited to:

• Conducting staff meetings and do educational lessons relevant to shelter work
• Development of the monthly roster
• Overseeing that staff fulfil their roles
• Ensuring staff receive psychosocial care that can result in burnout from work
• Compiling reports within the organisation as well as to international donors.

Management and care of the clients at the shelter which includes but is not limited to:

• Assessment of client to establish the need for the shelter
• Ensure that there is space available for the client
• Ensure clients gets the best service and care from the staff whilst she is in the shelter
• Ensure basic needs of the client is met (shelter, food, toiletries etc)
• Supervising of the social worker to ensure clients’ needs is met in terms of psychosocial care

Management and care of the shelter facility which includes but is not limited to:

• Ensuring upkeep and maintenance of the house and work equipment
• Ensuring that furniture and all household goods are maintained and that everything needed in the house is there
• Drawing up and requesting monies and buying groceries on a monthly basis General home care tasks (ensuring electricity and running water etc)
• Request for monies and management of the monies which include petty cash
• Marketing of shelter services and liaising with other stakeholders regarding shelter work
• Development of shelter service and programming
• Ongoing development of policy and documents pertaining to shelter work

CVs to be sent to: